Our pair of 1176s are the only ones of their kind I have ever seen.

I first spotted them on the floor in the corner at a certain local gear obsessive's apartment and upon closer inspection and a little badgering  I realised these were vintage Rev H Silver Faced Urei 1176s from the late 70s, early 80s, with a custom paint job ordered for German broadcast. The cool, off-white face plates are striking in their own right and were originally intended to match their Neumann consoles of the period.

Once I took them home and used them on a mix there was no way i wasn't buying them and after a little bartering they now belong to Golden Retriever. The tone is beautiful and smooth, with the characteristic and exciting 1176 mid push. They are warmer than I remember Silver 1176s being and due to the different input stages, distort a lot slower than the old Black units. This is what has made the Silver units a cult favourite among top engineers for duties like vocal compression. All in all, everything that goes through them comes out sounding better and we want more!

The units were in excellent condition and we did a full alignment, voltage check etc., so they are truly humming. A debate on whether to replace the original West German Frako caps continues... will we lose tone if we change them out? Or have the same tone with better specs? 

Apparently to make their custom colour dreams comes true, the Germans has to order 1000 units, so there could well be 998 more of them out there, somewhere...