Unlike a lot of studios, Golden Retriever charges everyone the same fair price.

  • The daily studio rate in mix/overdub/small tracking mode is $330 incl GST (usually a 12 hour session with about 10 hours studio time


  • Add $220 incl GST per day to expand your setup to include the large live room (this room can be booked standalone also, for recording or other purposes, get in touch with us to discuss)


  • Ask about hourly rates


  • House engineers vary from $200-$400 per day, please get in contact to discuss options: berkfinger at gmail dot com


  • We ask for a 50% payment before session commences and a 50% payment by the last day of the session


  • If someone else wants to book the same dates as you, we ask for a 50% payment to confirm your session or you risk losing your dates
  • We can record to our drives, but we cannot keep your session for long, so clients are advised to bring their own drive/s for backup and transfer of their work