We just got our grubby little mits on a very beautiful AKG BX20E stereo spring reverb unit. Widely regarded as the best, it got used on a Philadelphia Grand Jury mix the day it arrived and we can concur! We're giving it an overhaul for good measure, naturally.

For the nerds, see pics inside below. It's essentially a big old tube with 8 springs inside it. It has a smooth, deep tone and a remote so you can control the tail length. Sounds a bit more like a plate than a bouncy dub spring. Can be used as 2 mono springs with different settings, or a mono in, stereo out, or stereo in stereo out. We are in love.

A lot of sessions, a bunch more additions to the studio and a Protools upgrade on the way in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

akg bx 20e front panel
akg bx 20e back
akg bx20e inside