Top Of The Pops

So Golden Retriever has gone all big time with British India's 5th LP 'Nothing Touches Me' debuting at number 5 on the Australian charts. You can check out their high rotation jjj single 'Suddenly' below but you probably can't get a ticket to their sold out Australian tour...


Simon has also finished up the mixes for Max Prosa's 3rd record 'Ein Neuer Morgen'. It was tracked in about 500 studios including Clouds Hill in Hamburg, Studio Nord Bremen, Golden Retriever with Simon and produced by Olaf Opel of The Notwist fame. Genius Joe Laporta did an excellent mastering job over at Sterling in NYC. We'll be sure to tell you when that one hits the German charts and for now you can go check out Max's release party at the beautiful and amazing Volksbühne. Click on the picture for more info/tix:

While we're on the subject of charts, we were excited to have Danish chart toppers Go Go Berlin and their production team in for a big chunk of February.

go go more.jpeg


We got to practice our Danish, play a decent amount of Table Tennis and hear how ridiculously loud their awesome Barefoot monitors can go! Looking forward to seeing where they go with mixing and a release by the end of the year. Last time we spoke they were talking about Dave Friddman....

We also started seeing posters all over town with Nessi on them and realised she is kicking butt with her album 'Rolling With The Punches', a bunch of which was tracked here at Golden Retriever. Go Nessi!


Simon has now blocked out 3 weeks of studio time to finish the mixing of the long awaited comeback of his very own band Philadelphia Grand Jury. Hopefully he can stay sane!

Gear nerds can also follow our gear purchases, including the awesome ultra rare UREI 1176s pictured below over at the gear list and be sure to click the links if you want to learn more about the more unique vintage and custom pieces that we have collected.

We are also super psyched and can't wait to share upcoming releases from Ducktails, Charity Children and more, but you are just gonna have to wait. And remember we are still as affordable as ever and accessible to everyone, so get in touch to discuss your project!