Winter was excellent

We recorded a lot of things, bought a lot of things and fixed a lot of things.

Previously mentioned super-voice, genius and very nice fellow How To Dress Well tracked his new album here last year with Rodhaid McDonald (the xx, King Krule) and you can finally have a listen to the first single, 'Words I Don't Remember.'

Simon mixed tracks for the debut e.p. from The Creases, which he recorded during a week off from tour at The Plutonium in sunny Brisbane. We can't show you the songs just yet, but we can show you this perfect piece of pop, 'I Won't Wait' which saw them sign to Rough Trade and kick SXSW's butt.

MT came over from London to use all of the synthesizers, CV and midi cables at once. The new mixtape is currently being manipulated over at their Clapton Pond studio before being mixed ASAP.

The Euro-based half of Brisbane surf monster Velociraptor also laid down 6 tracks in March. Looking forward to seeing the contest ensue between these 'Raptors and the Australian 'Raptors.

Others to come by and have some musical fun recently were Wax Witches, All The Luck In The World, Red Ink, Kaitlin Reigel and a whole lot more.

And if you head over to our gear list you can see all of the neat stuff we have added to our collection. You should also keep an ear peeled for some profiles on our rarer pieces in the coming weeks. As we said, winter was good to us and naturally we are sharing the good vibes (and $$$) to make the studio a better and better place for you to make your records.

Viel spaß!