Golden Retriever is a recording studio in Sydney, Australia.

The studio is housed within a purpose-built music complex in Marrickville's vibrant warehouse community.

The simple, high-end gear selection is based around a 32-channel Neotek Series II mixing console, an Electrodyne console from 1968 and vintage outboard from the 50s/60s and 70s. We track to Protools HD, Studer 2" tape or a combination of both, depending on the project. We use old school techniques and gear in modern ways, to gain a sonic advantage in the age of convenience.

The studio comes as a modular setup, in either a smaller and more affordable mix/overdub/ small band tracking scenario, or the full setup, including the large tracking room with 9m high ceilings. We have spent a long time designing and building the space to provide maximum quality and flexibility. Our goal is to be the best and most artist friendly facility in the country.

The space also has full amenities for cooking, a nice coffee machine and can sometimes offer accommodation, depending on your needs and our schedule. Please get in contact to discuss.

While it is essentially the home studio of artist and producer Simon Berckelman (also known as Berkfinger), we have a list of local engineers on call and external engineers and producers are always very welcome.

When not working, artists have walking distance access to all of Marrickville's gourmet food, drink and fun.